Mineral resource and mining facts that make the world go round

Whether you realize it or not, mining has an effect on our daily lives, be it the way we retrieve information, communicate or the way we cook. Indeed, if our ancestors had not discovered how to mine, we would not be where we are today.


Below are a few facts that help us reflect on how the mining industry has set our world into motion.


One single device is made up of over ten minerals. Research shows that one television is made up of 35 different types of minerals. While your phone is made up of 40 minerals. As for your vehicle, it takes up to 15 minerals for it to be up and running.


Being one of the most abundant metals from the earth’s crust, aluminum constitutes 8% of our earth’s solid surface by weight. It is not only the most abundant metal but also the third most abundant element in the earth’s environment, next to silicon and oxygen. When it comes to science views, aluminum is mainly found in bauxite ore, even though is does not occur as a free metal and often comes with other 270 minerals.


Coal is an invaluable resource of our electricity. Research from Joy Global showed that 50% of electricity that is used to power businesses and homes was produced by coal. Coal is most definitely an indispensable source of energy for homes, not to mention, convenience; the average family of four, for example, make up 3,375 lbs of coal for heaters. In order to watch television the average household makes use of electricity produced by about 256 lbs of coal.


Nickel give an added strength to the other materials. The very first time nickel was made use of, was around 2000 years ago. Nickel is mixed with different metals in order to create an alloy, which is then used to create a wide range of metallic components such as stainless steel. According to the Nickel institute, are more or less 3000 nickel containing alloys in daily use, while 90% of the world’s nickel is used annually in alloys, and two thirds is used for stainless steel. The nickel is what makes the alloys corrosion and heat resistant.




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