How Your Business Can Benefit From Mining Consultants

Mining Optimisation

Mining is a business which can make you a lot of money, but at the same time can take a lot of money away from you.

This can happen especially when there is no real planning done in terms of how things will be executed.

Hiring a mining optimisation company will help in terms of getting your show on the road, including with the geological planning, mining engineering, audits and mineral resources and reserves, to name a few.

Mining optimisation helps in improving the planning, efficiency and output of your business. The benefit of using such a company is that all of the tasks are laid out for you, all you have to do is stick to them.

Mining operation can often be hampered by costs and prices from external factors which affect the production flow of businesses.

However, optimisation helps in maximising your business’s potential, focusing on mining designs and planning extensively.

A mining optimisation company will guide your business in the organisation process, with the goal to make your business as profitable as possible.

With a comprehensive understanding of all of the positives and negatives that come with the mining industry, Pivot Mining Consultants are able to ensure that your business is in the best position.

This mining optimisation company has been in this field for years and as such, has been able to overcome a lot of the hurdles which the industry faces in order to get mining companies working in the most systematic way possible.

Improving the planning stage and application stage will improve the turnovers and profits of your business.

Mining optimisation includes looking at the landscape and metallurgical data in order to map out how exactly the mining should go, as to not waste time and money on subjectively made plans.

The worst mistake any mining business can make is to not do thorough planning as this leaves you up to a place where guessing is as good as it’s going to get.

Guessing is not something which should be done, especially in the mining industry as time is money and money is time.

One of the major factors which mining optimisation focuses on is the aspect of safety.

Safety is a crucial point in mining as accidents can happen, with accidents occurring at a higher rate than normal if the proper organisation was not kept.

Mining optimisation will decrease the chance of risk of accidents as every single detail will be analysed and planned.

Getting things done the better way, through optimisation, will improve your businesses reliability which will help you grow.

Pivot Mining Consultants has an array of services, including auditing, which will help you to improve the current state of your business.

The better your business functions the more streamlined your approach becomes in terms of the physical mining of spaces.

An overall higher return will most definitely increase the amount which investors are willing to put in, the more they put in the better it is for your business as you will be able to work on more projects, as well as projects on a larger scale.

Pivot Mining uses mining optimisation in a way which will use your current financial means in the best way possible.

On top of this, we see that the better your business functions, the easier it is to study the effects and outcomes of different mining techniques.

This helps a mining optimisation company such as Pivot Mining to do their job better, which goes full circle in allowing you to do better.

The optimisation includes mining engineering services which will highlight which machines will work best in certain areas, as well as how best to go about drilling, digging and extracting.

Mining optimisation takes it a step further in terms of being able to help in the logistical aspect of things, where this includes the transportation of extractions.

Being able to move the product faster and more efficiently allows you to work at a high rate which will only improve the output of your company.

Geometallurgical studies are used by the mining optimisation company, Pivot Mining, in order to accurately provide statistics from field tests and data analysis which will help your business in choosing the right materials.

There is no use mining a section which will not produce any profitable materials which can be used to develop steel or metal.

Of course, the feasibility testing of mining optimisation will ensure if the blasting and extraction process will damage the ore or not.

With special testing, this can be done in a simple way, however, the hope will always be that the ore will react in a positive way, not getting damaged, and being able to be used.

The Advantage Of Project Management

As mentioned above, mining optimisation is a key feature in ensuring that a mining business is not wasting time and more importantly money.

The need for a variety of different specialists ranging from geologists, environmental specialists and mining engineers, who all work together to improve the mining task, is in high demand.

Of course, hiring individual specialists comes with the duty of having to manage each team separately.

Using a mining optimisation company will help you as they will provide the right people for your business.

Consulting businesses are able to provide you with the right people who will do the job effectively, all with the benefit that you do not need to man manage them.

Using such a company allows you to take your hands off of the planning process, to an extent, while also listening to professional and impartial feedback which will help you to make the right decisions.

In some cases mining optimisation can go wrong as some individuals who work for your business and are advising you, may only see the big picture, meaning the money signs, rather than looking at the smallest details which could negatively affect your business.

Also, finding highly skilled and qualified individuals in the above-mentioned fields can be hard to come by.

Using a mining optimisation company will ensure that you are working with heavily trained, competent professionals.

They will be able to tell you whether or not you will be able to make a profit, or that your financial input will not go to waste.

The more money you waste, which is often the investors’ money, the less patience your investors will have.

Time efficiency, cost efficiency and results are what investors care about. You can ensure that optimisation and mining engineering services are excellent, rather than mediocre.

When the planning is done correctly, everything is above board and the green light is given, your business will succeed no matter what.


Auditing and inspections help mining companies massively as they allow you to see where you are going wrong, as well as where you can improve.

This includes in terms of productivity as well as safety which will help to get your business from where it is to its maximum potential.

Mining engineering can be improved by a great deal just by having an audit and inspection done.

Having a mining optimisation company do an audit for you allows you to get the right feedback and quality check, rather than getting an approval for your business which could be dangerous and detrimental in the long run.

One of the big reasons for proper audits and inspections is the fact that you will be able to save lives, not only for your employees but also people living in close proximity.

If there were ever to be a huge catastrophe such as a gas or chemical leak or a major explosion, many people could lose their lives.

Using a mining optimisation company which will inspect every detail of your business, including equipment and the site, you will have a subjective answer to what you need to do to prevent accidents.

Now, this is not to say that your mining business is neglecting health and safety regulations, rather an audit and inspection helps in terms of improving your standard even more.

If your business is up to code and is willing to continuously strive to improve, you will see a much bigger demand for your services.

The reason for this is that businesses working in the mining industry want to work with other businesses which are working in a highly productive way, as well as meeting the health and safety standards.

If you couple all of the mining optimisation, auditing and mining engineering services your business will be improved organically.

You will see that you will be in a position to improve your efficiency, costs will be reduced and your output will be at a much higher volume, with materials that you supply being of a much higher quality.

Quality Control

Quality control is also a big factor when trying to establish your business as the best mining and supplying company.

If the quality of the materials you are supplying is of a poor standard then mining business, especially the major ones will be less likely to hand out a contract to you.

This influences your investors as if there is no business coming in, they will be reluctant to put in more money.

Pivot Mining Consultants and their mining engineering services will not only improve the way you mine, but also the type of materials and ores you will find.

As mentioned above, geometallurgical studies will help to track down the right areas in the site to mine, as to not waste machinery and resources, as well as time, when trying to track down the right materials.

Mining optimisation helps in this sense as the quality of what you are extracting will be of a high standard, meaning that it can be used to produce other items.

The better your business is at finding the right materials the more jobs and deals your business will get.

You don’t have to do this alone as there is a reputable and competent mining optimisation company which is able to give you all of the necessary data and information to get the best materials out of the ground.

The Future Of Mining In South Africa

Mining consulting businesses such as a mining optimisation company are becoming increasingly more needed as some resources in South Africa are becoming scarce.

The honest truth is that by using a mining optimisation company, you are far more likely to get what you came for than if you simply just go to a prominent site and start digging.

With resources and materials decreasing rapidly, the hunt for new sites with quality materials is on.

The way you can win this race, and save money and time, is by hiring a mining optimisation company, as they are filled with professionals of different fields, all experienced in finding the best sites for your needs.

This will benefit your business in terms of mining engineering services, which are provided by Pivot Mining Consultants, as they are way more likely to ensure that your engineering doesn’t go to waste.

Mining optimisation is not an easy job, it is, however, science and with the best in the business working for one company, there’s a guarantee that your business will succeed.

Another factor which mining optimisation focuses on is the environmental impact, which will be improved when using such a consulting business.

Overall, your business will benefit greatly from using a consulting service which is better at analysing and researching than a lot of other businesses.

On top of this their attention to detail is what has improved a whole host of mining businesses in South Africa.

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